and customization
in Marketing.
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We study all the necessary marketing processes in your digital business, and automate the most recurrent ones, adding a layer of personalization to them.

Conversations with your customers in real time, 24/7.

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Automated Email Marketing

  • We build content for each step of the automated process.
  • We program customized sequences for each type of customer at different stages of interaction with your business.
  • We enrich the process by taking and adding information at critical moments.
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Social Selling

We program Bots that interact in
social networks with your potential buyers

  • Select contacts
    according to the profile of your ideal customer.
  • We program messages of
    Invitation, Follow-up or Friendship.
  • Once connected, we send
    personalized messages
    in relation to your offer.
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Real time
measurement and attribution

Every performance marketing strategy requires excellent measurement processes.

  • Tailor-made indicator design.
  • KPI’s analysis and follow-up.
  • Recurrent optimization.
  • Periodic reporting with our consulting team.

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