Artificial intelligence tools for advertising and marketing

01 December

What artificial intelligence to use in advertising or digital marketing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an essential ally for process optimization, allowing to increase efficiency and generate impactful results. This is true for a wide variety of productive areas, being marketing and digital
digital advertising
and digital advertising being a clear example of this.

In this article, we’ll explore a multiplicity of AI tools that serve a diverse range of functions, from ad management to

content creation

in image, video and text formats.


OwlyWriter by Hootsuite

What is it? Hootsuite is a versatile tool that offers a free description generator. Thanks to its AI tool, OwlyWriter, you can save time and overcome creative roadblocks by generating copy and descriptions with ease.

Price: It has a free trial period. Then plans start at $99 per month.

Main users: Content creators, Copywriters, Social Media Managers, UX writers.


Magic Studio

What is Magic Studio? Magic Studio is an ideal tool for those brands that want to improve their visual communication strategy. This artificial intelligence is capable of creating product photos with aesthetic backgrounds, deleting unwanted objects and generating images from prompts.

Price: Free, but with limitations.

Main users: Influencers, Designers, Social Media Managers, Community Managers, Content Creators.



Wordtune is a software capable of converting your texts, changing their tone (making them more formal or informal, for example), increasing or reducing the number of characters or modifying the length of paragraphs.

Price: Free, but with limitations. It also has subscriptions starting at $9.99.

Main users: Content creators, Copywriters, Social Media Managers, UX writers.

What is it? It’s the answer for those times when you have an idea, but you’re having trouble finding the perfect image in an image bank. With, you can enter directions on what you need and get options for stock photos, illustrations, book covers and more.

Price: Plans range from $19 to $299.

Main users: Content creators, Social Media Managers, Designers.



What is Brandwatch? Brandwatch is an artificial intelligence tool whose main use is the analysis of large databases, from which it can draw conclusions and perform complex statistical operations. It is ideal for social listening and understanding audience sentiment towards the brand.

Price: The price of this tool will depend on each case.

Main users: Social Media Managers, marketing professionals.



What is Riffusion? Riffusion brings your video creations to life by generating original audio content based on the directions you give it. It is an ideal tool for video content creators, allowing you to create the perfect soundtrack for your audiovisual productions.

Price: Free of charge.

Main users: Video content creators, Designers, Animators.



What is Murf? For video creators, Murf is a perfect solution. This tool is capable of generating natural sounding voices that can be customized for your videos, offering more than 120 voices in over 20 languages.

Price: Free, but with limitations. With subscriptions starting at $19 per month.

Primary users: Video creators, product marketers and marketing teams.



What is ChatGPT? You have probably already heard about ChatGPT. And the truth is that this tool has conquered the world of artificial intelligence and has become indispensable for content creators and marketing teams. Why? For its versatility and power, thanks to which it is capable of writing texts ranging from children’s stories and travel itineraries to long articles and product descriptions.

Price: ChatGPT 3.5 is free, but to use ChatGPT 4 you need to pay $20 per month.

Main users: copywriters, designers, social media managers, project managers.



What is it? It is an AI tool that makes use of machine learning to evaluate the performance of your digital advertising campaigns and optimize them if necessary.

Price: Depends on each case. It has free tools and others for which you have to pay.

Main users: Advertising agencies, media buyers, campaign managers and advertisers.



What is Peech? Peech is a video editing tool, which is able to automatically transcribe, recycle and edit your content in audiovisual format. The attractive element of this generative tool is that it makes video editing more accessible to those who have no technical knowledge of the subject.

Price: It has a free option with limitations and subscriptions starting at $49 per month.

Main users: Designers, Content Creators, Social Media Managers.



What is Invideo? Invideo is a software that allows you to bring your scripts to life. This is a generative tool that converts text to video, that is, it creates audiovisual content based on the written content you share with it. In addition, it has a wide variety of templates.

Price: Free, but with limitations, or monthly subscriptions starting at $15.

Main users: Content creators, Designers, Social Media Managers.

What is is an artificial intelligence tool that focuses on creating video content without the need for video editors or expensive filming devices. Similar to Invideo, it has many templates for creating videos.

Price: Starting at $30 per month.

Main users: Content creators, Social Media Managers, growth marketing professionals.



What is Dall-e 2? Dall-e 2 is a generative AI that creates hyper-realistic images from prompts, varying in style and quality, according to the user’s needs. It has great versatility, allowing images to be made to suit every industry, from gaming to fintech.

Price: Charged per image, starting at 2 cents.

Primary users: Content creators, designers, marketing specialists.

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