How to use AI in your mobile advertising strategy

07 September

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Marketing: How to use it?

The way marketing companies interact with their customers and manage their operations has changed substantially since the advent of artificial intelligence in this professional field. And no, artificial intelligence is not something out of a science fiction book. It is real. And it is present in more places than we think.

The reality is that artificial intelligence has managed to intrude in our daily life, in our day to day, even without us realizing it, since it often goes unnoticed. From the voice recognition function in our cell phones to the algorithms of social networks that determine what content we like and decide what to show us, AI is already among us.

In the marketing arena, AI has not only revolutionized the way data is analyzed, but has also brought greater efficiency to many marketing practices, offering new insights and an operational and analytical capability never seen before. Through the strategic use of these technologies, companies can realize opportunities by detecting patterns of consumer behavior and preferences, which they can then leverage to create highly personalized and effective marketing strategies.

But what is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence, in essence, gives machines the ability to mimic human intelligence. What does this mean? That machines can now incorporate new information, solve problems, and sometimes even self-correct and learn from their mistakes.

Next, we will see how, within the digital marketing arena, this technology can be applied in a number of areas to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

How did AI impact the marketing world?

A few decades ago, artificial intelligence was a science fiction concept. Today, it is a reality that has completely transformed marketing. From some basic issues, such as automating simple, repetitive tasks, to more complex ones, such as advanced segmentation, AI has revolutionized how companies in the industry operate. In mobile marketing, this impact is even more profound.

First of all, it is important to note that mobile

mobile advertising

has become a key element and priority in any marketing strategy today, and what artificial intelligence has achieved is to revolutionize the way we approach this field.

The truth is that artificial intelligence has allowed this sector to open up a wide range of business opportunities. A key aspect is customization. Thanks to AI, brands can analyze vast databases about users and understand their preferences, behaviors and needs. This, in turn, allows for the creation of highly relevant and personalized ads, which can greatly increase conversion rates.

How to leverage AI in your mobile marketing strategy?

In an increasingly digital and mobile-oriented world, mobile marketing has become a fundamental pillar for companies looking to reach their audiences effectively. In this context, artificial intelligence is positioned as a highly relevant tool to increase the quality and impact of marketing strategies aimed at mobile devices.

AI offers a competitive advantage by enabling deep analysis of user behavior patterns on mobile apps and sites. This translates into valuable information that can be used to personalize the user experience and the advertising they receive in a way that was previously almost unthinkable.

AI platforms can track and understand how users interact with mobile apps, which features they use most frequently, how much time they spend in different sections, and what actions they take before completing a purchase or abandoning the process. With this detailed insight, companies can adjust their mobile marketing strategies in real time, tailoring their offers and communications to meet individual user needs.

The ability of AI to predict future trends and preferences becomes an invaluable resource for mobile marketing strategies. By analyzing historical data and tracking current behaviors, AI can identify emerging patterns and changes in user preferences. This anticipation of consumer needs and desires allows companies to stay ahead of the game by offering products, services and content that align precisely with what users will be looking for.

The possibilities for leveraging AI in mobile marketing are diverse and we will review some of its uses below.

Examples of artificial intelligence in mobile advertising

Let’s take a look at some concrete examples of how AI is transforming mobile advertising:

  • Real-time personalization: Imagine a user browsing your shopping application. AI can analyze your purchase history, preferences and current behavior to provide product recommendations (in advertising format) in real time. This increases the likelihood of conversion by providing a highly relevant and 100% personalized experience, according to the user’s consumption patterns and interests.
  • Advanced targeting: With AI, you can segment your audience into highly specific groups based on a variety of factors, such as location, browsing behavior, preferences, etc. This allows you to send precise and targeted messages to each group, maximizing the effectiveness of your ads.

    the effectiveness of your advertisements

  • Intelligent chatbots: AI-based chatbots are a powerful tool in mobile marketing. They can provide instant assistance 24 hours a day, resolve frequently asked questions and provide personalized information. This improves the user experience and increases retention.

Can we help you with your strategy?

At Boomit, we understand the importance of staying ahead of marketing trends, combining cutting-edge technology with marketing expertise to deliver effective, customized solutions. That’s why at Boomit we have integrated AI tools to optimize segmentation, copywriting, image creation and the most efficient use of budget to achieve the best results with our mobile marketing strategies.

In this exciting journey towards smarter mobile marketing, Boomit is positioned as the trusted partner that can guide companies towards maximizing the benefits that AI can offer in the advertising space. So why limit yourself to conventional strategies when you can leap into the era of mobile marketing powered by artificial intelligence?

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