Programmatic: a new advertising dimension

26 April

Programmatic advertising is a smart way of doing digital advertising, through an automated online process of buying and selling ads in advertising space, by means of technological tools and data in real-time auctions (RTB).


Programmatic uses complex algorithms that detect coincidences between the data of a target audience and the different advertising spaces at a specific time, thus making it possible to study consumption trends in order to offer personalized advertising to each user.


Why did the transformation of the advertising industry come with Programmatic?


  • It evolves processes and revolutionizes strategies by allowing to plan and segment audiences according to user profiles.
  • It speeds up campaign planning and optimization times in an efficient way. Enables you to adjust frequency and reach in real time; without having to wait until the end of a campaign to make changes to the strategy.
  • Facilitates and enables the integration and utilization of data usage.
  • It optimizes the advertising budget by making it possible to target only those users who fit our desired profile, thus avoiding waste.
  • Identify different types of users to “talk” to them in different ways, displaying different ads and checking where there is the most activity.


Now that you know what it is all about, what are you waiting for to use programmatic advertising and boost your campaigns?

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