Secrets of the Perfect Digital Advertising Audience

10 March

As we believe that the key is to evaluate Relevance versus Costs, we propose some triggering questions to guide you towards achieving more and better results with your Digital Advertising.

Are you ready? Let’s begin:

When you activate a campaign, do you show the advertisement only to your potential customers? Hmm, although it may sound strange, this is not always advisable.

Do you know how Facebook builds that super-specific audience that you love to create? By charging you for each of those layers you ask it to add to your filter.

Do you want to communicate with Men aged 20 to 35, who like football, are passionate about technology, and are gamers?

In this case, you would be adding 5 layers of audiences, and each of them works with a filter that contains its own cost.

Every time someone within that audience sees your advertisement, you will likely have high relevance, and they will identify with it. But how much did it cost you to show that ad to that person?

On the contrary, if you only target, for example, Men aged 20 to 35, your ad will be shown to many people who may not be passionate about football or technology, but the cost balance tends to be positive. Also, remember to use the “Estimated Audience Size” tools that the platform provides to adjust your targeting.

So, depending on your target audience, we recommend launching your advertising campaigns with broad audiences, as we have observed that in most cases, this practice brings effective results.

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