The best ASO (App Store Optimization) tools.

Making an application stand out in the market is the most important step to generate revenue. To generate revenue, an application must be downloaded many times and used by a large number of users, through paid advertisements or app store optimization (ASO).

Below are some of the best ASO tools in the market:


It uses deep learning algorithms and a wide range of data to provide key metrics and insights with the highest possible accuracy.

Constantly updates its features, ranging from keyword research tools to competitive analysis tools.

ASO metadata and timeline features allow you to see a summary of the app’s changes on an intuitive timeline, from version updates to screenshot updates. It offers filters to choose which changes you want to see and in what timeframe. You can also see before-and-after comparisons of these changes and compare them with competitors.

AppTweak retrieves data directly from app stores. From there, its data scientists analyze the data to identify patterns and define KPIs and insights. It provides a comprehensive optimization report and an excellent user interface experience.

App Radar

It enables finding relevant and profitable keywords easily, with a strong focus on localization features. It allows assessing the global expansion of the app through conversion rate comparisons between countries, tracking regional trends, and identifying successful local tactics. It facilitates finding keywords that work in multiple languages and editing the app for each location according to regional preferences identified by App Radar.

Additionally, it offers a plethora of competitive analysis features that show where competitors are being outperformed and provides the opportunity to craft strategies based on its ASO and keyword strategy. By being able to view performance on both the App Store and Google Play Store, you can identify what works and what doesn’t, to know what should and shouldn’t be done in the app.

One of the best things about App Radar is that its plans are customizable, so you can be flexible with your budget and priorities. Your priorities may not necessarily be the same as another brand’s, so having the option for a customized solution that fits your budget is ideal. Then, you can control which features and data each team member has access to based on their role, whether developer or marketer or any other.

App Annie

It is a wonderful source of information, and its strength lies in its vast database, which provides valuable insights into a wide variety of apps. It allows finding an excellent overview of the chosen market and seeing competition from the inside out.

App Annie provides a large number of ASO tool features. From app store optimization and tracking to app usage, downloads, and revenue estimates. It has some free features including keyword rankings and app store tracking.

This ASO tool doesn’t have standard plans or packages. It crafts an offering around each of its clients. For this reason, it may not necessarily be suitable for small developers.

Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is primarily an app intelligence platform with a strong emphasis on data. We know that data is our friend when it comes to any step in the mobile marketing funnel, and Sensor Tower leverages data to aid in making decisions for your app store optimization strategy.

It provides the ability to perform the most traditional keyword optimization functions and competitive analysis of other ASO tools while adding new data touchpoints such as Store Intelligence and Consumer Intelligence, which strengthen decisions made around strategy. Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence tool is powered by complex algorithms and hundreds of millions of data points providing deep insights into both app stores and millions of apps worldwide.

It makes it very easy to discover top global apps according to their downloads and revenue estimates, and you can even view this data across both app stores simultaneously. It also allows breaking down these data points by countries, categories, and devices.

There’s an overall store summary where you can find information on macro trends in both the App Store and Google Play Store, which can be invaluable when devising an ASO strategy.

During keyword research, it allows tracking valuable metrics like traffic, difficulty, and competition. You can also compare an app with its competitors and get more insights into keywords that might be missed. It’s important to note that certain information is based on an internal scaling system, which could make translating to App Store’s objective values challenging. It’s worth noting that most features are available only to paying customers.

Now you know which marketing tools to use to enhance the development and effectiveness of mobile applications, so try them out and evaluate the impact on your business performance!

Gonza Pastorino

Gonza Pastorino

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