Boosting Your App Advertising Campaigns with an Effective ASO Strategy

We all know the importance of ratings and reviews when choosing a restaurant or a hotel. Before making a decision, it has become common practice to check the overall rating and read the latest comments from previous visitors. It helps us gauge the quality and experience we can expect. But did you know that the same principle also applies to apps?

In the vast world of mobile applications, where millions of options are available, getting your app known and downloaded can be a challenging task. This is where App Store Optimization (ASO) comes into play. ASO is the secret weapon for app developers and marketers, aiming to improve an app’s visibility in the store search results and the conversion rate on the app page.

How does this affect digital advertising?

You might wonder why ratings and reviews are so important in app marketing. It’s simple: put yourself in the shoes of a potential user for a moment. Imagine seeing an ad for an app that looks attractive and promising. You click on the ad enthusiastically, ready to explore what it has to offer, but upon browsing the comments and seeing a low rating accompanied by negative reviews, doubts begin to arise. Will the app live up to its promises? Will it provide a positive user experience? Chances are, you’ll think twice before downloading it.

In this mobile-centric era, where users have countless options at their fingertips, ratings and reviews can be decisive for an app’s success. It’s no longer just about organic search results but the entire user journey, including advertising campaigns. When users encounter an app ad, their decision to use it will depend on various factors, and one of the most influential is the app’s reputation as reflected in the ratings and reviews.

Think of these comments and ratings as the voice of your users. They provide invaluable insights into your app’s usability and satisfaction level and serve as a research tool (and the best part is, it’s free!). By actively listening to your users and considering their feedback, you can make the necessary improvements and see your app’s rating soar.

This is not the only reason to care about your Store positioning. If you are advertising your app, keep in mind that the bidding algorithms of Google Ads and Apple Search Ads take these quality factors into account regarding your App in the Store: the number of downloads, the number of reviews, the quality of the reviews, among others.

By improving the perception that potential users will have when discovering your app in the Store, you not only increase your chances of a successful download but also enhance all your advertising strategies for your app with cost reductions and an increase in the number of downloads, as the algorithms are programmed to consider the same factors that people naturally consider when making their decision.

How can you make the most of ratings and reviews to drive your app’s success?

Let’s explore some tips and strategies that can help you in this aspect of app marketing.

  • Encourage your users to leave reviews and rate your app.
  • Make it easy for them to provide feedback within the app itself.
  • Ask for their opinion at strategic points in their journey, such as after completing a task or reaching a milestone.
  • By actively soliciting their opinions, you are more likely to receive valuable feedback and increase the volume of reviews.

It’s not all about quantity—pay attention to quality too

When it comes to ratings and reviews, quantity isn’t the only important factor; quality matters as well. Focus on obtaining positive reviews from satisfied users. Ensure that your app offers an exceptional user experience and proactively address any issues or concerns users raise in their reviews. Respond to reviews, both positive and negative, in a kind and professional manner. This shows that you care about your users and are dedicated to providing a top-notch experience.

Remember that ratings and reviews are not just for potential users; they also influence the app store algorithms. Positive reviews and high ratings can significantly boost your app’s visibility in search results and app store rankings. The more positive ratings and high scores you accumulate, the greater the chances that your app will appear prominently and attract more downloads.

Additionally, don’t lose sight of your competitors. Analyze their ratings and, especially, their reviews to understand what users appreciate and what shortcomings they find. This information can guide your app development and marketing strategies, helping you stand out from the competition and offer a superior user experience.

However, in the world of app marketing, it’s essential to understand that ratings and reviews are not the only determinants of success.

Gonza Pastorino

Gonza Pastorino

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