Discover the secrets of the Fintech market in Latin America

21 July

How is the Fintech application market in Latin America?

In the dynamic Latin American Fintech market, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of costs and trends to lead customer acquisition processes. If you need to take your digital product to the next level and you’re looking for digital

digital advertising services for your Fintech app

you have come to the right place! We are excited to present our new edition of Perfomance Trends, a comprehensive and practical guide that reveals the secrets and benchmarks of the Latin American Fintech market.

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. If you’re still not 100% sure it’s what you’re looking for, you can read on and we’ll tell you a little more about the content.

New Fintech Market Benchmarks for Apps in Latin America

Our report offers valuable and up-to-date information on the Fintech market in Latin America. In it, you will find data collected from 68 applications in the region, who gave their consent to share their figures (we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their collaboration). This data allows us to provide you with an in-depth view of costs and key trends in the industry.

The main objective of this report is to help you find accurate benchmarks to plan and optimize your user or customer acquisition processes. Before delving into the details, it is important to note that the data presented is an average that encompasses different digital products at different stages of development. Throughout the material, we will classify Fintech applications into three stages: launch (up to 1 year), maturation (between 1 and 2 years) and expansion (2 years or more).

Key points and methodology of the study

In this report, we highlight some of the most interesting findings about the Fintech market in Latin America. For example, we disclose costs per installation (CPI) for Android and iOS mobile devices, costs per full registration (CPR), costs per new user with approved credit card (CPTC), among others. These benchmarks will give you a clear picture of how your costs compare to the market and help you make informed decisions.

In addition, we share the methodology used in the study, which includes more information on total advertising investment, the data collection period and the countries considered. We want to assure you that the information presented in this report is reliable and based on conversions attributed by recognized measurement and attribution tools, such as Singular, Appsflyer, Adjust and Google Analytics.

The 3 stages of a Fintech app

Once you understand the benchmarks presented in our study,

Perfomance Trends

In this way, you will be able to contextualize them in the different stages of life of a Fintech application. This understanding is key to assessing how these stages impact the KPIs.

The first steps of any Fintech app

Launch – up to 1 year: During this initial stage of digital product development, basic functionalities are implemented, although certain instabilities persist that require attention. The marketing team is in the process of developing measurement systems and beginning to visualize the first acquisition costs.

The pressure on advertising inventory is low, as there is still no defined clarity on customer lifetime value (LTV) and return on advertising investment (RoAS). As your Fintech application becomes established, it is essential to work on the stability of the system and improve predictability and projection capacity in terms of profitability.

Finetch app gets stronger and reaches its intermediate stage

Maturation – 1 to 2 years: At this stage, the product has gained stability, which allows for a more decisive increase in advertising investment. The marketing team obtains metrics and projections of return on advertising investment (RoAS) and customer lifetime value (LTV).

Although conversion rates (CVR) are not yet optimal, there is an improving trend. It is important to monitor and optimize KPIs to drive sustainable growth. During this stage, it is normal to observe a greater diversification of media in Fintech applications, indicating the search for a broader and more varied strategy to reach the target audience.

All set to grow! The third and last stage of the Fintech app is about to begin

Expansion – 2 years or more: In this phase, the objective is to achieve exponential growth and plan the launch of new product features. Large investments are made in user acquisition and efforts are coordinated to retain existing customers.

Conversion rates throughout the acquisition funnel are optimal, generating efficiency in digital marketing investment. However, it is important to note that the cost per installation tends to increase due to the increased pressure on advertising inventory. During this stage, there was significant growth in investments, reflecting confidence in the product and its potential to generate positive results.

Find out more in Perfomance Trends N°2: New Benchmarks of the Fintech Market in LATAM

Our comprehensive study provides you with detailed information on each of these stages, as well as specific cost data and trends in the Latin American Fintech market. Downloading our report is the first step to better understand the landscape and optimize your user or customer acquisition strategies.

In summary, the Fintech market in Latin America is a changing and constantly evolving environment. Learn valuable insights that will help you make more informed decisions for the development and success of your digital product. Download the study by click here and discover the secrets of the Fintech market in Latin America.

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