Expand your digital advertising strategies on Netflix, the largest streaming platform.

16 June

Expand your advertising reach with Netflix’s new ad-supported plans

In the digital age, effective

effective advertising

is critical to the success of any business and you don’t need to be an app marketing agency to know that. Understanding the latest advertising trends is key to maximizing the impact of our clients’ campaigns. One of the most interesting developments in the advertising world is the recent introduction of Netflix advertising plans.

This is a unique opportunity to expand and diversify advertising strategies and reach a wide international audience. Today, Netflix is the streaming platform with the largest number of subscribers and its numbers are growing year by year.

Massive reach and smart targeting: benefits of being a Netflix advertiser

As we have seen, Netflix has millions of subscribers worldwide. With the new plans with ads, you have the ability to reach a highly engaged audience during their viewing experience. This approach allows for greater user attention to your ads, which can translate into a higher return on investment for your advertising campaigns.

In addition, Netflix offers intelligent targeting based on users’ interactions and preferences on the platform. This means that your ads will be shown to people who are more likely to be interested in your products or services, which increases the relevance and effectiveness of your campaigns. Ads are personalized based on your interactions with Netflix (such as the genre of content viewed) and other data provided. Netflix’s personalization and customization capabilities give you the opportunity to target specific audiences, increasing the impact of your advertising messages and aiming for a higher conversion rate.

It is important to note that this subscription option is not available in all countries. The plan is currently available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the United States and the United Kingdom.

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How ads are displayed

Advertisements will be shown before and during certain series and movies. If it is a recently released Netflix movie, the ads will only be shown before the title starts.

Ad formats on Netflix:

  • Pre-roll of 15 or 30 seconds: It is shown before the beginning of the content.
  • Mid-roll of 15 or 30 seconds. Shown during a cut in the middle of the content.


How many ads will you see if you have this type of ad-supported subscription on Netflix?

The average amount of advertising you will see is 4 minutes of advertising for every hour of entertainment.

This seems to be a positive thing, as you will not be saturating users with advertising, which should increase recall, because the amount of exposures during the content consumption process is lower.

What do the ads look like?

At the beginning of the advertising campaign, the number of ads that will be shown in the upper right corner of the screen.

Netflix ads cannot be skipped, or fast-forwarded, which promotes full ad viewing.

To take advantage of this Netflix advertising opportunity you need to work with a verified advertiser.

Additionally, we recommend buying this type of advertising using a programmatic DSP, as you will have other important benefits in terms of operation, reporting and campaign tracking.

Boomit is a performance agency specialized in digital platforms with access to Netflix advertising.

How to advertise on Netflix?

It is important to note that, when advertising on Netflix, you have the ability to select the specific titles and times at which your ads will be shown. This gives you greater control over your campaigns and allows you to leverage synergies between your brand and relevant content for your target audience.

In short, Netflix ad plans open up new opportunities for advertisers who want to expand their reach and maximize the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. Leveraging Netflix’s massive and highly engaged audience, along with smart targeting, can generate significant results for your business.

Start exploring the possibilities of Netflix advertising and take your marketing strategies to the next level!

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