What is Google Analytics 4 and how does it affect performance agencies?

09 June

Google Analytics 4: The Data Analytics Revolution

Data is essential to business success, whether you’re in app marketing or any other line of business. Among the multitude of tools available for data analysis, Google stands out as one of the main providers.

However, the tech giant has officially announced the discontinuation of Universal Analytics, urging all companies to transition to the newer tool. As of July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics services will cease to operate, and associated properties will no longer process or use data.

Why is Google discontinuing Universal Analytics?

The transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a priority for Google, as it allows websites:

  • Make better use of your traffic,
  • Obtain more accurate results,
  • Focus on privacy protection,
  • Understand detailed user behavior across devices and platforms,
  • Identify traffic trends and patterns,
  • Evaluate the performance of marketing campaigns.

Launched in 2020, GA4 offers state-of-the-art traffic measurement solutions and features that manage user experiences and improve ROI. With predictive reporting and seamless integration with Google Ads, GA4 prioritizes user privacy, stores data without IP addresses and can be easily integrated with Google Search Console.

Are you ready for the data analysis of the future?

Main benefit: unification of data from websites, mobile applications and other user touch points into a single view.

For example: you can measure the impact of an ad campaign that directs users from a mobile app to a website, or track how users interact with your content on different devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, which is key when you are doing advertising for apps.

By taking a holistic, cross-platform view, GA4 enables you to make more informed decisions about your marketing strategies, optimize your campaigns and improve the user experience across all channels and devices.

Here is an article from the Google Analytics 4 help center
about the new Default Channel Descriptions.

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