Which Mobile MMP to choose for 2024?

05 October

Which platform or Mobile Attribution Partner (MMP) is best suited for your app?

In the world of mobile applications, ensuring that your application achieves the desired popularity and downloads is a challenging task. In this sense, having a reliable Mobile MMP Partner is essential.

These tools play a crucial role in helping you analyze mobile attribution data, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your marketing strategies. In this article, we will explore eight standout MMPs that you should consider in 2024 to boost your application’s success.

What is mobile attribution?

Mobile attribution is a digital marketing data analysis technology that provides insights into the performance of mobile app advertising campaigns. For example, let’s say you run an ad campaign on Meta or Google Ads to promote an application your team has developed. You can’t simply correlate the increase in app installs with the launch of the ad campaign. What you need to do is collect various data about the ad (views, clicks, ad network, etc.) and the user’s response to this stimulus, and then attribute them to each other through the data you have.

The attribution of results from

mobile advertising campaigns

reveals which creatives entice users to perform installs, product purchases, service subscriptions, etc. Once you know what motivates your users the most and in which channels, you can invest more in that to keep customers engaged.

Why is it important?

Mobile application marketers and app development leaders need to use MMP for several reasons:

  1. Improved retargeting strategies

Attribution of mobile advertising campaigns can reveal vital data, such as failures or breaks in the customer journey, if, for example, the user came to the app store to install it, but did not do so. You can extract reports to optimize the customer journey and retarget them to acquire new customers or users.

  1. Sales funnel effectiveness evaluation

If you also pay for a sales funnel strategy to drive product purchases or subscriptions, you can easily prove its effectiveness when marketing data analysis reveals that the sales funnel works and users convert.

  1. Calculation of return on advertising investment (RoAS)

Mobile advertising attribution helps you gain data from


data, which is critical, since you are investing in the development of your app when you pay for advertising campaigns.

  1. Increased brand engagement

When you know which application features and services delight users and generate referrals for more installations, you can specifically enhance those elements or promote them more aggressively, which will increase your brand’s online presence and engagement.

  1. Smart investment and better income

Paid advertising campaigns are expensive. Therefore, you need to run ads on the right platform and user base where you will get the best results. You can only do this when you have mobile ad attribution data from your MMP service provider; eventually, revenues increase as marketing costs decrease.

Mobile attribution models

There are several models of mobile attribution:

1. First click: This model attributes attribution credit to the first touch point on which the customer clicked and which ultimately led to a sale or installation.

2. Last click: The last click model gives attribution credit to the last ad that customers clicked on to purchase an item in your app or install the app. This is the most widely used attribution model among mobile application specialists.

Multi-touch: This model assigns a weighted percentage of credits to each medium or platform that leads the user to install or purchase an application through several steps.

What is a Mobile Attribution Partner (MMP)?

MMPs are trackers that provide information about the performance of your advertising campaigns and allow you to make more informed decisions. They offer a set of services essential to the success of your application:

Provide an integrated advertising software development kit (SDK).

MMPs provide a single integrated SDK for all publishers and ad networks for data collection. Therefore, there is no need to install separate SDKs for various ad networks, which avoids unnecessary code loading in the mobile application.

2. Provide unbiased data

MMPs are the only unbiased data source for mobile attribution. These platforms offer clean, objective reports that show ad campaign performance in plain language and provide information on what went wrong and how to improve.

3. Prevent advertising fraud

Some MMPs offer tools to block ad fraud, such as SDK spoofing, click flooding, click spamming, install hijacking, click injection, ad stacking, and more.

Best mobile attribution partners

Now that we understand the importance of MMPs, let’s look at eight of the most prominent ones for your advertising campaigns in 2024.


AppsFlyer is one of the leading tools for tracking mobile advertising attribution. It offers advanced features such as retargeting attribution, multiple attribution, configurable attribution windows, etc. This allows marketers to achieve their objectives with ease.

In addition, it has different subscription plans to suit companies of different sizes, from start-ups to large multinationals.


Adjust is another trusted name in advertising campaign attribution management. It offers a comprehensive solution that goes beyond attribution management.

An outstanding feature of Adjust is its ability to create stand-alone workflows for managing marketing quotes and budgets. This saves time and effort by automating key tasks in your strategy. is a popular attribution and linking platform for mobile app marketers. Helps utilize existing sales channels to increase revenue and customer lifetime value.


Localytics is a next generation mobile app marketing and analytics tool that enables more meaningful communication with app users. It is especially useful for sectors such as retail, travel, entertainment, financial services, insurance and telecommunications.


Kochava is vying to become a common name in app data attribution by offering a multitude of app marketing services. Despite being considered a relatively new player, this mobile measurement service provider has demonstrated its capabilities and commitment.


Singular is a full-service marketing platform with distinctive capabilities for marketing analytics and attribution. Offering curated products such as Mobile Attribution, Deeplinks, Attribution
and Fraud Prevention.

It also excels at linking touch point attributions to external data connectors, giving you detailed performance data on each keyword, campaign, creative asset and ad publisher.


Tapstream is marketed as a complete mobile app marketing toolkit used by some of the world’s leading mobile apps.


Tenjin is an excellent choice when you need to optimize your marketing budget or access user-level data to improve your advertising campaigns.

Tips for choosing the MMP that best suits your needs

Now that you are aware of these eight outstanding mobile measurement partners, you can choose the one that best fits your mobile app growth strategy. Each of these tools offers standard services, such as mobile attribution data analysis and application performance reporting.

However, some tools may offer additional features, ease of use, affordable pricing and scalable subscription packages. Select the one that best fits your objectives and budget to enhance the success of your application.

In addition to having a solid MMP in place, it is critical to protect against click fraud that can lead to your mobile marketing campaigns going over budget without getting the desired results.

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